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As our Surreal week draws to an end, we’re very pleased and honoured to present to you, our very, very lucky reader, an exclusive and sublime mix from the extraordinary Moon Wiring Club.

Moon Wiring Club have always been a big favourite over here at Days Are Numbers. Their spell-binding and spectacular collages of sound recall the majestic and ghostly world of BBC Radiophonic Workshop, lost 60s/70s British kid’s TV shows, vintage radio cues, loops and library music, with a bit of Hammer Horror thrown in.

Crafting songs that brim with haunting rhythms and melodies, their music is enchanting and eerie but always captivating. It was only appropriate for us to ask them for a wonderfully delicious ‘Surreal’ mix, and thankfully, they kindly agreed.

Taking their cue from a legendary British Institution –  the British Summer, here’s the Moon Wiring Club with a few words, followed by a splendid ‘Surreal Summer’ mix…

Elementary Ice Cream Sunstroke Mix

After being told to go outside and not watch Victorian Detectives on a sickly-sunny day, experience the reality of too much sunshine & ice cream.Then recoil from the depths of a Vaudevillian Ploughman’s lunch chutney overload sensation with a diabolic holiday showbiz turn. Back inside, the light has turned black and the telly smells funny. Oh! It must be the…



01. Gerhard Trede – Pictures of Science 10

02. Peter Dennis -Timp Easy

03. Patrice Sciortino – Speleolien

04. Nujabes + Fat Jon – How You Feel

05. LFO – Goodnight Vienna

06. Max Mathews – Bicycle Built for two

07. BBC Radiophonic Workshop – Meglos (Tape Wobble mix)

08. Coil – Broken Aura

09. Harold Faltermeyer – Fletch Theme

10. Yan Tregger – Quella Villa

11. John Carpenter – Targets/Ice Cream Man

12. RZA – Ice Cream (instrumental)

13. The Lyons Maid Revue – Little Bit of Eye Tie Ice Cream

14. Bernard Fevre -Special Spatial

15. The Two Pete’s – Macarthur Park/Popcorn

16. Mount Vernon Arts Lab – Hobgoblins (Coil Remix)

17. K Kleins Field – Incidental Black Cloth

18. Washed Out – Clap Intro

19. Sisters of Mercy – Never Land (a fragment)

20. Position Normal – The Frisky One

21. Serge Bulot – Pluie Lunaire

22. Clannad – Robin (the Hooded Man)

23. Art of Noise – Legs (12″ mix)

24. Soyo Oko – Ghost

25. Yuzo Koshiro – Space Flight

26. Basil Rathbone – I do Like to be Beside the Seaside

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