Good evening, and welcome back to Moviedrome… Sort of, anyway.

As part of our ongoing anniversary celebrations here at Days Are Numbers, we’re casting our mind back to an earlier blog about BBC2’s legendary late night cult film strand, Moviedrome.

Between the years of 1988 and 2000, Moviedrome was just about the only place on British television where you were guaranteed to see weird, wonderful, unique and always memorable films. It’s becoming increasingly easy to forget now that even the rarest of celluloid oddities are available on Amazon, or a mere mouse click away, but back in the day, Moviedrome was manna from heaven for adventurous film fans the length and breadth of the country.

Almost as much as the films themselves, Moviedrome was also essential viewing for the witty and informative intros to each film made by first presenter Alex Cox, and his later replacement, Mark Cousins. Below I have compiled some of the very best ones for you to look at whilst yearning nostalgically for a time when they actually showed half-decent films on TV…

…Beginning with the first Moviedrome intro for the first ever Moviedrome movie! Alex Cox presents the longest version of The Wicker Man known to man at the time.

Moviedrome’s best ever intro? Cox-y delivers a rather sublime and remarkably well-informed mini-thesis ahead of a screening of The Parallax View.

Mind you, the man often showed he had feet of clay. Observe here how he needlessly has a pop at Dario Argento in his introduction to David Cronenberg’s Rabid. Boo!

We’ll allow him to redeem himself by way of the curious set design for this introduction to Halloween, from his last Moviedrome series in 1994 (nice Third Man-referencing title sequence!).

Northern Ireland’s very own Mark Cousins took over in 1997, and I’d just like you to know that I do a mean impression of him. Today, you’ll have to make do with the real thing, as he introduces The Warriors in that very same year.

From 2000, the year Moviedrome finally bowed out for good, Cous’ takes a look at Don’t Look Now. The title sequence for this series was truly appalling.

Now, wasn’t that a lovely saunter down memory lane? They really should bring Moviedrome back, me and Aneet could present it, it would be amazing!

Thanks for watching.