You may have noticed that the site has been a little quietly recently, that’s because I was on my hols dear readers! I’m still in the shorts and flip flop mood (as I’m sure the rest of you are) so bear with me as I try to get things back to normal. To help me along the way has been Domino Records’ latest signing Washed Out and his new single Eyes Be Closed.

The Chillwave genre that is normally associated with Washed Out’s Ernest Greene, is far too trendy and current for me to be involved in, but the impressive array of remixes that accompanies this release has made me stop and “chill” for a bit. Or something like that.

The LoveLock (not to be confused with our mates LockLockandLoad) remix is my pick of the bunch with its sun-kissed Balearic vibes and warm synths, it gently reminds you of the summer.

And besides, it sounds like the music from the Gloria Huniford presented 90s TV show Holiday, which is totally a good thing. Yeah and that’s a bit of unexpected television nostalgia for you right there.

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