Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of THE IVAN DRAGO SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE!!! Before we look at the first inductee, you may be wondering who the hell is this Ivan Drago and what does it all mean?

Basically, when Alan and I were thinking of a name for this feature, we were stumped for ideas, so we did what all great thinkers do and watched Rocky IV. If you haven’t seen Rocky IV (shame on you if you haven’t) here’s a quick synopsis . Basically, Ivan Drago is the epitome of greatness. He’s the man. He’s everything we like to be. So in that context, the Ivan Drago School of Excellence is where we celebrate some of the greatest musicians, artists, producers, and filmmakers of all time. Soon there will be no greater accolade than being the subject of an Ivan Drago School of Excellence special. Oh yes. Anyway, should we have a look at the first inductee?

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