The Clash shed a lot fans when they released ‘This Is Radio Clash’ in 1981. Released on a 12” between the ‘Sandinista’ and ‘Combat Rock’ albums, it was a massive club smash, promptly entered the disco charts and the Clash famously divided their fanbase. It marked the point when the band started to experiment with their sound to incorporate dub, dance and gospel influences. When they went to New York in the early eighties, they started to immerse themselves with the burgeoning rap scene and the culture that went with it.

Hooking up with infamous graffiti artist Futura, who they asked to go on tour with them, they released this downtown classic in 1983. With the Clash providing the dubbed-out groove and Futura rapping on top, it’s one of the many exciting examples when NYC’s music scenes cross-pollinated, creating an explosive downtown clash.

Futura 2000 – The Escapades of Futura 2000 (dub)