Taken from the 1979 Italian-Japanese soft sexploitation flick Dedicato Al Mare Egeo (Dedicated To The Aegean Sea), this frothy erotic number finds the Maestro at his most playful and light-hearted.

The wordless sighing melody is provided by naughty 70s pornstar Illona Saller, (“Cicciolina”) while the airy arrangement is effortlessly aided by the young Japanses violin prodigy Yoko Sato. Easy listening meets softcore, ‘Cavallina A Cavallo’ leans more towards the cheeky side than the smutty side (although the album cover suggests otherwise, ooh-err!) and is one Morricone’s most delightful and mischievous pieces of music.

Ennio Morricone – Cavallina A Cavallo