Sometimes people ask me if I’m “doing anything tonight”, the answer is normally; “Not much. Might watch a bit of telly, have a bath or something”. Basically, I lead a pretty mundane but relaxing life.  On this raucous disco number however, the Universal Robot Band (comprised of Patrick Adams, Gregory Carmichael, Leroy Burgess, Gregory Tolbert and Woody Cunningham – the ultimate disco dream team) remind you that life is one big party.

Taken from their 1978 album Freak In The Light Of The Moon, ‘Doing Anything Tonight’ sounds like a rowdy 70s block party. With tough Latin percussion breaks and pulsating disco strings, it should convince you that maybe you should go out on a Saturday night instead of staying in and watching Benidorm on ITV1. Why are you looking at me for?? Benidorm ain’t that bad. Honest.

Universal Robot Band – Doing Anything Tonight