Today’s SOTD comes from the cult synth-punk band The Units. Released in 1982 and produced by Michael Cotten – the synthesizer player from the Tubes, the track was quickly picked by Daniele Baldelli, who promptly spun it at his legendary Cosmic night in Italy. It was also a top twenty Billboard Dance Chart smash!

As one of the more popular bands of the San Francisco punk and New Wave scene in the late seventies and early eighties, The Units began to garner attention for their use of synths instead of guitars and their wry and satirical performances and ideas, which led to comparisons to smarty-pants/silly hat wearing band Devo. (Personally I think the band were a bit more interesting than their Ohio counterparts. Their 1980 single High Pressure Days is simply glorious and deftly demonstrated the band’s effortless grasp of melody and futuristic concepts. And they’re probably less over-played than Devo.)

If you want to find out more about the Units, then check out this fantastic interview with The Quietus and the 2009 21 track compilation on Community Library for more Units nuggets.

But first, check this Right Man out.