Taken from the 1984 Vanguard album ‘Songs Of Electronic Despair’, the crazy Android Sisters was the bizarre musical creation of producers Tim Clark and Tom Lopez.

The duo took their inspiration for The Android Sisters from the Phillip K. Dick novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ‘, which we all know was the basis for the Rutger Hauer-starred sci-fi film ‘Blade Runner’.  As well as being a daft in-joke about the Andrews Sisters being androids (you starting to get it now, aren’t you?), this barmy idea turns out to be one excellent electronic experiment.

Despite sounding utterly peculiar, this is actually a bold, avant-garde electro record that recalls the mind-bending works of musicians such as Laurie Anderson and Ann Magnusson – except with added madness and hilarity. Many find the Android Sisters hard work (well, all the people I know seem to freak out every time I play ‘em. The softies) but the genre-hopping, dual-femme robots provide witty and surreal  social commentary, with plenty of midi/synclavier noises to keep you occupied. With their metallic tongues-firmly-in-their-cheeks, come and let the Sisters take you on a wacky intergalactic space ride!! Woo!!