“In the year 2525, would man still be alive?” That was the question pondered by 60’s duo Zager and Evans but then again I think they posed that particular conundrum about the year 9595. Anyway, the twosome’s wonderfully bizarre 1969 hit spawned plenty of cover versions over the following decades. Some bad (Visage), the bloody awful (Ian Brown) and the ruddy brilliant (today’s SOTD! Obviously).

Hailing from Uruguay, Armando Tirelli and his band Sexteto Electronico Moderno wowed 1960s dance floors of Montevideo with their woozy mix of psychedelia and Latin American rhythms. Their instrumental version of ‘In The Year 2525’ is a flourishing Mariachi and Hammond-driven psych number, full of swirling sounds and distorted sixties stomp.  I wouldn’t mind living till 2525 if I this crazy number was the soundtrack. Make sure you try and track down the group’s 2005 Vampisoul compilation Sounds From An Elegant World, as it includes this track and many more groovy gems.

Sexteto Electronico Moderno – In The Year 2525