What happens when Bollywood meets ABBA? Well, today’s offering is the answer!  Originally released in 1981, Salma and Sabina Agha’s cult album is a Hindi tribute to our favourite pop Swedes. Simply entitled Salma & Sabina Agha Sing the songs of ABBA in Hindi, the LP is still sought after, mainly for the sister’s incredible renditions of tracks such as Mamma Mia, Super Trooper, In The Name Of The Game amongst many others and also for it’s novelty value.

As the record is being re-released next week on a white label, I thought it would be nice to treat you guys to Salma and Sabina’s ubiquitous take on the one and only Dancing Queen (although it’s credited as Mitha Maze Dar on the back of the LP’s cover).  I don’t need to bang on how great the original is but hearing Benny and Bjorn’s words being sung in Hindi, the track becomes more joyous and uplifting, with an added hint of melancholy. (But that’s just me; I think every ABBA song has a hint of melancholy.)

Anyway, have a listen and make sure you try and grab yourself a copy of the album. It’s rare y’know.