A side-project of Peter Bonne (A Split Second, Autumn, Twilight Ritual) between 1982-1984, Belgian band Linear Movement were one of the more melodic groups of the ‘cold wave/minimal wave’ movement.

Linear Movement tracks were notoriously hard to find and were originally only available on the 1982 Pulse Music cassette. It was only when the fantastic Minimal Waves label released a comprehensive collection of the band’s work in 2008, that fans were able to fully appreciate the cold pop genius of Peter Bonne’s gang.

Due to a current musical interest in all things cold, minimal and electro, a few of Linear Movement’s tracks are featured on the aforementioned Minimal Waves’ fabulous compilation, Minimal Waves Tapes Vol.1 and Angular Records’ forthcoming comp Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics Vol.1. Far too many mentions of ‘waves’, ‘cold’ and ‘vol.1′ for my liking, but it’s all good, eh listeners?

Anyway, have a listen to the track ‘The Linear Way’, a track that’s so rhythmic and detached, you won’t know whether to dance or stare moodily into space. Or something.