Legendary reggae producer Joe Gibbs is one of most important figures in Jamaica’s musical history. From rocksteady to ’80s dancehall, Gibbs can lay claim to being one of the most important of Jamaica’s musical giants. Responsible for one of the most influential reggae albums of all time – Culture’s 1977 record ‘Two Sevens Clash’, his work with artists such as Dennis Brown, Althea & Donna (he produced Uptown Top Ranking!!), The Mighty Diamonds – amongst many others, has ensured a rich and outstanding legacy. So if you haven’t heard any of Gibbs’ work, I recommend you check out this and this. You won’t regret it!

Taken from his classic 1979 album Majestic Dub, ‘Bionic Encounter’ is in fact an off the wall yet admirable interpretation of the Salsoul Orchestra’s 1977 smash ‘Runaway’ and is not a cover of ‘Getaway’, as many people tend to think (I listened to both on loop for about an hour and I conclusively say that it is ‘Runaway’). Not a dub or special ‘reggae disco’ version, the track is a soft and stripped back disco song that is strongly reminiscent of the works of producer Patrick Adams (the wigged-out, stoned keyboards, heavy breathing – that sort of thing).

Gibbs was a true musical visionary and, as this track demonstrates, he also had a fantastic sense of humour.