Start your week with a grandiose slice of  disco from German synth pioneer Harry Thumann. Released in 1979, Underwater is a cult favourite amongst disco aficionados due to it’s bombastic and quite wacky nature. Huge Salsoul-style horns and strings blend seamlessly with the icy simplicity of Moroder-esque synths, resulting in a prime cinematic disco number (also, it also kinda sounds like all those Stars Wars disco songs that you can find in charity shops but better). With so many sounds seemingly coming from every disco sub-genre, Thumann maintains the song’s individuality and funkiness with genuine aplomb.

‘Arry’s liberal use of revolutionary synths and other crazy stuff (ahem), still makes this track, taken from his debut album American Express, sound remarkably fresh and perfectly demonstrates how flexible and experimental disco could be.

Harry Thumann – Underwater