The new Permanent Vacation compilation ‘Space Oddities Vol.2′, compiled by Alexis Le-Tan & Jess, is a brilliant collection of spaced-out, cosmic, groovy library music from the 70s and 80s. More psychedelic and proggy than Vol.1, it features some killer tracks from some of the finest soundtrack libraries in the world (CAM, Telemusic, Crea etc).

‘Equilibrium’ by H.Tical is a rare sound cue from Jesus Franco’s  sleazy 1973 film ‘Sinner’ and is taken from a library album entitled ‘Distortions Pop’ (see the cover). But according to Joel Martin’s excellent sleeve notes, the library album in question was a replication of an earlier commercial record on the British ‘Kaleidoscope’ label from 1971, that was entitled ‘Distortions’ by Blue Phantom. Then it was speculated that Italian composer Armando Sciascia was in fact behind the whole thing and was working under the pseudonym ‘Tical’! Confused? I certainly am.

Anyway, the track itself is a lovely, fuzzy psych number. The lonely, misty sounding organ, recalls Morricone at his finest and the gentle psych-jazz percussion softly eases the listener into a lovely cinematic calm. That sounds really pretentious, doesn’t it? Oh, sod it. Have a listen and judge for yourself.

H Tical – Equilibrium