Not many bands would take creative inspiration from the Jewish Mourners’ Prayer – The Kaddish, but cult avant-garde electro-disco pioneers Gina X Performance did just that with their 1981 song ‘Kaddish’.

Led by the charismatic Gina Kikoine and probably best known for their cult 1979 Quentin Crisp-inspired hit ‘No G.D.M’. This curious oddity ranks as one of my favourite records of all time – and I’m not just saying that to get your attention.

‘Kaddish’ is one of the undisputed highlights from the band’s third album ‘Voyeur’. A mesmerizing, slow-mo disco track with ice cold Teutonic vocals, this is a radical and wonderfully peculiar record that still impresses to this day. It was even featured on Lindstrom’s 2007 Late Night Tales Mix, which only furthers the song’s enduring appeal. Track down a copy of the album if you can. I think LTM re-issued it in 2005 with added bonus tracks, it’s definitely worth splashing your cash on.

I mean, who’d have thought religion could be so bloody cool? Well, apart from the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and my mate Rich but who else, eh?

Gina X Performance – Kaddish