Electronic pioneers Can have always been a bit funky. From the disco silliness of I Want More to the hypnotic Vitamin C, the group’s influence stretched further than the usual rock parameters. The band’s experimental sound broke the mould of traditional rock ‘n’ roll. Their use of early synthesizers, avant-garde noises and ground-breaking recording techniques left an indelible mark on modern music. But you guys already knew that.

‘Aspectacle’ first appeared as a vocal, but a Holger Czukay edit transformed the piece into arguably more effective, shorter instrumental for the 1978 album ‘Can’. Influential from the studio to the dancefloor, this piece of free-flowing, off-kilter disco later became a firm favourite of clubs such as the Paradise Garage and the Loft and you can’t get a higher recommendation than that, can you?

Also, check out that brilliant harmonica bit at the beginning. I love that bit.

Can – Aspectacle (Holger Czukay edit)