A Powerful Classical Music Piece by Days Are Numbers

The mighty Stones Throw recently released a retrospective compilation on the magnificent Bruce Haack. Chronicling the influential electronic producer’s prolific work from 1972 to 1982, this is a timely and essential re-issue that should, in an ideal world, grace every music fan’s collection.

Thought to be the ‘The King of Techno’ and the first person to use vocoders in his recordings, Haack produced otherworldly electronic symphonies often combing futuristic psychedelic sounds with acid-infused pop.

Cited by the likes of Stereolab, Beck and Madlib amongst others as an influence, Bruce should be hailed as a vital electronic pioneer alongside the likes of Joe Meek and Raymond Scott. Anyway, enough of my yapping! Go and have a listen below and get your good self on the Stones Throw site to find out more!

We love you Bruce!