Slightly keeping with the vampire theme of yesterday (ahem) today’s newly formed RECORD OF THE DAY was simply too good for a Single of the Day’ accolade.  Why? Well read on my friend!

The majority of blogs normally post Hot Blood rarities around Halloween time (for the obvious reasons) but since a one-off pressing of the abum was released last week, there’s simply no reason why the fantastic Hot Blood should be kept just for Halloween.

Majority of disco fans will probably know the band for their unique disco novelty single ‘Soul Dracula’ (see the fantastic video at the end of the post!) but Hot Blood were one of Germany’s finest disco exports (not hard I know but…) and the musical brainchild of no other than Stephan Klinkhammer – (Mr. Boney M. to you and me). it also had the ‘M’s Marcia Bennett of vocal and general heavy breathing duties.  Released in 1977, it bears all the kitchy hallmarks of disco of that era – sexy strings, the ‘woos-woos’, the mentioning of ‘disco’ and ‘dancefloor’, as well as a campy Dracula laughing! Those crazy Germans!

But still, this is still considered one of the best ‘horror/disco’ records around and originals go for crazy amounts so snap one up asap. The only drawback of the re-issue is that it doesn’t have the original sexy cover which features Calvin Klein model Lisa Taylor (Thanks to Disco Delivery for this bit of info!) but hey, you can’t win ‘em all. Sex, the 1970’s, Dracula, Boney M, busty maidens, disco, models, Boney M – what more do you people want?!

Here’s two ‘fang-shaped’ treats for ya!