As you may have noticed, there has been a lack of Monday Morricone Madness for some time now (sorry about that), but never fear, because in two weeks time we shall be returning with more thrilling instalments of our marvellous series!! Yay!! As next Monday is Bank Holiday, you’ll get the chance to have a catch-up of all the completed MMM’s, but in the meantime here’s a little moment to get you all Morricone-d up!

Released in 1977, Black Light Orchestra’s tribute to the Il Maestro was featured on their album (wait for it) ‘Once Upon A Time’. Fitting in nicely with the lush orchestral disco of the likes of Cerrone, Grand Tour and with the fabulously over-blown disco-concept stylings of Alec R. Constandinos, B.L.O’s sexy yet kitsch sounds perfectly capture late seventies disco in all it’s OTT glory.

Anyway, on ‘Morricone’, the Orchestra combine excerpts from Once Upon A Time In The West (one of Ennio’s finest ever scores) with a sexy disco beat, resulting in a remarkable camp disco classic! What more could you want???!! You have to hear it to believe it and with the original copies going for more than a few dollars (arf!), you’re better off grooving along to this and getting ready for the return of the mighty Monday Morricone Madness!!!

Black Light Orchestra – Morricone