We all know John Carpenter is a talented little so and so when it comes to recording his own music and that. So, I don’t really need to go into detail about Mr. Carpenter’s genius but today’s single is taken from his underrated score to his film adaptation of the Stephen King novel ‘Christine’.

I won’t go into detail about the film itself (quick overview: crazy car kills crazy teenagers) that’s Alan’s job but with that quick and concise overview I think I’ve given Alan a run for his money, anyway… The soundtrack is well worth tracking down. Bearing all the hallmarks of a Carpenter score, it’s atmospheric, eerie, desolate, minimal – in another words you know it’s John Carpenter. Dismissed by many on it’s release because it contained none of the fifties music in the film (not even the title theme ’Bad To The Bone’), it’s been languishing in the ‘meh’ file of Carpenter’s back catalogue for far too long now.

Moochie’s Death’ is one of the highlights of the soundtrack and demonstrates the slightly (!) deranged curiousness of the film. Chilling, warped and obsessive, the track resonates well with the current ‘electro/leftfield’ scene. You could easily open your DJ sets or mixes with this and be subsequently lauded for being the electronic connoisseur. Go on, try it! And let us know how you get on but watch out for that crazy car.