Just look at Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson doing the fabulous prog/folk/psych number ‘Witch’s Promise’ on Top of the Pops in 1970!

Look at him! He’s like a mad combination of Rasputin and someone you might see on Time Team! He’s singing about a witch, as well. Stick this on at your Halloween party and it’ll go down a treat… Or a trick?

If only they had performances like this on Top of the Pops these days. If only they had Top of the Pops these days.

I remember watching this on Sounds of the Seventies on BBC2 in about 1990. “Mummy?” I said. “Who is that weird man with the flute?” I think she told me to shut up.

What are they going to have on Sounds of the Noughties? Fucking Paloma Faith, that’s what.

Anyway, here’s Jethro Tull; scary, hairy men singing about witches.