The Man From U.N.K.L.E David McCallum, teamed up with legendary producer David Axelrod in 1967 to record the cult crate diggin’ classic, Music- It’s Happening Now! (great title) in 1967.

House of Mirrors was sampled by DJ Shadow on his track Dark Days back in 2000. The lopsided and laidback feel of the track makes it ever so inviting and slightly bewitching…

The lovely and hypnotic grooves provided by the superb musicianship of Carol Kaye and Earl Palmer, as well the silky production stewardship of Axelrod, creates the perfect Halloween warm-up track. Put it on while you’re making your Zombie punch, it’ll add a touch of swinging 60s glamour to the proceedings. Or something like that.

David McCallum – House Of Mirrors