Daysarenumbers are the lucky recipients of an exclusive mix from one of most exciting UK bands around, Gyratory System. Wowing audiences and critics alike with their hallucinatory brand of post-punk and electronics, we were over the moon when Andrew kindly agreed to do a special mix for us during our Downtown Week. He also wrote us a lovely introduction.

Here’s Andrew, with a few words…

Here’s a selection of music that has influenced the Gyratory System sound. In keeping with this week’s theme we have included some downtown-type stuff, by Konk, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Laurie Anderson; and Material. It is certainly a unique period in music and its juxtaposition of repetition and chaos is something we emulate. There is also a selection of other things – British music from Joe Meek, Loop and Nightmares on Wax; Afrobeat from Fela Kuti; Miles Davis playing jazz fanfares; and something by the French modernist composer Olivier Messiaen. People sometimes ask us where our sound comes from, hopefully listening to this mix will help answer that question. Andrew GS.


Konk – Baby Dee

Joe Meek – Disc Dance of the Globbots

Kid Creole and the Coconuts – Lili Marlene

Loop – Head On

Miles Davis – Saeta

Laurie Anderson – From The Air

Fela Kuti – ODOO

Material – Reduction

Olivier Messiaen – Louange a l’immortalite de Jesus

Nightmares On Wax – I’m For Real