This saucy Chanson D’Amour is originally from the wonderfully perverse soundtrack to cult 1971 erotic flick ‘Vampyros Lesbos’.

Composed by two German dudes called Manfred Hubler and Siegfried Schwab under the name Vampire Sound Inc, the duo caught the attention of Jess Franco who adored their bizarre LP cover (see above! Those crazy Germans!). As you know, dirty ol’ Jess had a thing for vampires and ladies and he duly obtained two tracks off their 1969 album Psychedelic Danceparty, for what is arguably his most famous film.

The Lions and The Cucumber is a raunchy psychedelic number, with blaring horns and stoned-out sitars, it’s a sleazy thrill, that will have you roaring with delight! Grrrr!!!

The Vampire Sound Inc – The Lions And The Cucumber