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After a lengthy absence, we welcome the triumphant return of the much fabled Daysarenumbers Podcast! Yay!

Find out what we’ve been up to in this hilarious, knee-slapping, laughter-filled podcast (OK, maybe just knee-slapping). From Alan’s foray into the fickle world of art to Aneet’s Oliver Reed-style gaffes, get ready to hear some fantastic tunes and plenty of nonsensical chat involving Grace Jones and Mumford & Sons. Don’t ask…



Alessandro Alessandroni – Cielo Verde

Grace Jones – Art Groupie

Moon Wiring Club – Always A Welcome

Conrad & Gregor Schnitzler – The Shark Eats Ice

Demis Roussos – I Dig U

Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here




Stephanie Cole will never be the same again… Simon Cowell to Alan’s unintentional denouncement of Dario Argento plus three ‘professional’ howlers from Aneet makes for a fun-packed, exhilerating debut…


Piero Piccioni – Capriccio

Gary Numan – Noise Noise

Carmen – Bullfight

Bagarre – Lemonsweet

Serge Gainsbourg & Nico – Striptease

Flying Lizards – Steam Away